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Compassionate End-of-Life Support: Your Journey, Our Commitment

Our objective is to offer dedicated care to those in the advanced stages of illness, while prioritizing the preservation of their quality of life. Emperor Hospice Arizona is dedicated to addressing the holistic needs of every individual, making each day meaningful. Rest assured, Emperor Hospice provides hospice care to all patients without any limitations.

Routine Care

Routine care forms the foundation of our service, encompassing essential everyday support for patients. This comprehensive care package includes nursing visits, medication management, personal care assistance, social services, Chaplain services, bereavement support, and the dedicated involvement of volunteers. The frequency of care required may vary based on individual needs, with adjustments made to the care plan accordingly. Scheduled appointments underpin our care approach, ranging from weekly to daily visits, ensuring consistency. Our commitment to delivering care where patients reside ensures comfort and familiarity, emphasizing the personalized nature of our routine care services.

Continuous Care

In cases where patients require intensive pain management and precise symptom control, we offer round-the-clock nursing care for 8 to 24 hours daily, until the patient reaches a state of comfort that no longer necessitates continuous nursing attention. This specialized care is designed to prioritize those facing immediate crises, effectively managing pain and addressing acute medical symptoms causing distress. In addition to a registered nurse (RN), a certified nursing assistant might also be present during this period to provide comprehensive assistance. Continuous care is a short-term solution, strategically employed to ensure patients’ comfort within their home environment, eliminating the need for hospitalization for treatment. This tailored approach emphasizes our commitment to delivering specialized care directly where it’s needed most.

Medical Equipment's

At Emperor Hospice, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and well-being. In addition to our comprehensive range of hospice services, we also provide essential medical equipment right in the comfort of your home. Our commitment to your quality of life encompasses offering the necessary tools and aids to enhance your comfort. From mobility aids to specialized equipment, our team ensures that your needs are met with the utmost care and efficiency. With Emperor Hospice, you can trust that we have your holistic well-being in mind, from compassionate care to essential medical support.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one facing a terminal illness can be emotionally taxing. Often, this responsibility falls upon family members with little preparation. While our commitment to providing the utmost care is unwavering, we recognize the importance of self-care amidst these challenging circumstances. This is precisely why we extend respite care. For a brief period, a patient can be temporarily transitioned to a skilled nursing facility, allowing caregivers the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. This short interval serves as a crucial pause that empowers family members and caregivers to continue their exceptional caregiving journey. All respite services are meticulously orchestrated by a dedicated case manager, ensuring seamless coordination with hospice-approved facilities. Importantly, even during respite care, our hospice staff remains dedicated to delivering care to the patient, exemplifying our holistic approach to support.

Emotional & Spiritual Support

Emotional & Spiritual Support

At Emperor Hospice, we recognize that comprehensive care extends beyond the physical. Our “Emotional and Spiritual Support” service is dedicated to providing solace and comfort for the heart and soul. We understand that emotional well-being and spiritual peace are integral components of a patient’s journey. Our team of compassionate professionals is here to offer a supportive presence, a listening ear, and guidance in finding meaning and peace during this profound time. Whether through one-on-one counseling, facilitating discussions with loved ones, or providing resources for spiritual reflection, our aim is to ensure you or your loved one experiences emotional comfort and spiritual tranquility. With Emperor Hospice’s holistic approach, you can rest assured that every aspect of well-being is nurtured with the utmost care.